I’m waiting for my man, with Nico and Diktator shoes ;)

I'm waiting for my man

Recently I’ve become a little obsessed with a very old 1960’s band called “The Velvet Underground”. The artist, Andy Warhol produced them and urged the inclusion of a very special woman, Nico. Everyone has heard of Lou Reed, the male lead vocals for the band, but have you heard of Nico? She was absolutely amazingly beautiful, a model of the 50’s into the 60’s, and a very unique vocalist who was in the velvet underground, then later solo. In fact, the first album was called “The Velvet Underground and Nico”. Her presence was that important! She was German, she was beautiful, she was interesting and probably still is. But 1960’s Nico had something so iconic for a beauty & fashion statement that her singing is just a very cool bonus to the whole mix. I find her amazing. Her voice is so cool, so Germanic sounding to me. She has the Velvet Underground off key style, but she gave it a depth and fullness that was amazing for the flat one key sound. It was because she was singing from deep inside herself, I think. Lou Reed was interesting but he always sounded like a clever guy being artsy (they were an experimental rock band after all). Nico sounded like a voice out of place and time, something almost spiritual about her sound. It’s all to the ear of the beholder though, as I’ve seen some people say she just sounds flat. I think she sounds more sonorous than flat. Yes if there’s one word to describe Nico’s voice it would be sonorous, sensuously sonorous. Oh that’s 2 words 😉

Please listen to the song inspiration by Nico, “I’m waiting for my man”

Style Sheet

Shoes: [Diktator] – PUNK (AVANT-GARDE) – all materials set to silver metallic
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Willow 2
Bodysuit: Le Forme [LF] Heroin Body Silver 1
Gloves: [ROSAL] UNMEI Gloves – white
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Ice (M)
Lashes: [LeLutka]-Photoshoot II Lashes(NOSE)
Skin: cStar Limited – Miss January 2014 – Satin
Shape: another new shape from Beauty Vamp Shapes (lol should I open a store?)
Pose: embedded in this futuristic chair from Lost Angel poses


Chelsea Girls

Chelsea Girls

It was such a pleasure to style this wonderful leopard print mini dress from Castiel. I found myself wanting to really dress it up by adding some posh Finesmith jewelry, these beautiful gloves by Miamai and my favorite tall boots by Tara. I highly recommend a trip to Castiel Store to see this small shop with a real feel for bold prints and a city chic style. When I put on some clothes by Castiel, I always get an urge to set my doll in a city with some European flair, such as this street found at Venexia. Maybe a hip street in NYC would serve, and then I got to dreaming about Nico and the Chelsea Hotel.

song inspiration, Nico singing for the velvet underground, “Chelsea Girls”

Style Sheet: (more…)

Song to the Siren

song to the siren

This was so pleasant to work on this morning, a lovely sight of the new Finesmith Jewelry September group gift “Summer Farewell” and some of the beautiful MONS makeups I have been loving to play with.
I was listening to the amazing “Song to the Siren” by This Mortal Coil.

Strawberry Singh’s Zodiac Meme

for Strawberry Singh: Zodiac Meme (I'm blogging it!)

Hello! Today I’m finally posting my answers to Strawberry Singh’s Zodiac Meme!

What is your birthday and/or Zodiac sign? – I’m a July Leo!

Do you believe in or follow astrology? –

Yes and No. What most people refer to as Astrology is just sun sign horoscopes, which are very simplistic and only address where the Sun was at the moment of the person’s birth. I believe that people are much more rich and complex, having a whole universe inside them. The reason we take interest in reading a novel or cry at a movie is because every person contains within their psyche all of human character, potentiality and existence, a testament to our unfathomably rich minds. We find meaning in this world of chaos by unconscious processes of streamlining and reducing massive amounts of information down into symbols and words and ideas. Astrology makes sense to how our brains work, because this is a language of symbols and ideas that we can read, by looking at a natal chart and then talking about human traits and experiences. In the end, we are all guilty of reducing people to a few words or a stereotype, no matter how thoughtful or enlightened we pretend to be. I choose to “believe” in Astrology, or rather to embrace that system of thought because it appeals to me aesthetically, being a beautiful system of symbolism that comes from an ancient view of the world that is very romantic and historical. There are reasons why some of it seems true at times, such as when you meet an arrogant Leo, a stubborn Taurus, a shy, neat Virgo, or a superficial socializing Gemini. Truly we all have those characteristics, yet at times we learn a person’s sun sign and we see “aha! That explains THAT!” Astrology is used in this way, as a means to relate to other people, essentially. The true power is in Astrology’s worth as a predictor of human events. As a form of divination, I’m skeptical but open minded.

Do you feel your sign’s attributes reflect who you are? –

There are some things about me that are very leonine. I value positivity, warmth, boldness, and filling my mind with high things. (more…)

I love the clouds

August Queen (group gift @ Finesmith)
How fun! This picture was selected to represent the August group gift at Finesmith Jewelry. This months group gift at Finesmith is the “August Queen” set, with silver metal work and large colorful gems. I find the set very energetic and fun. It’s an honor to see that my fashion styling worked out for the store ad for Finesmith’s August group gift.
Visit Finesmith Jewelry in Second Life to join the group and pick up your group gifts, as well as see all the wonderful things there. The August gift is in store right now.

Finesmith Jewelry – Urban Glam…. so detailed!

Urban Glam - my style with Finesmith

I’m wearing Finesmith “Urban Glam” jewelry today and I’m enjoying the details on this set, as well as the colors which strike me as very fresh and unexpected. I’m not sure how to describe the colors. I see a berry pink jewel, perhaps similar to the large jewels on the Finesmith August group gift, then paired with a lovely tangerine or perhaps coral stone. Then there is a third color that is very gentle and soft blue, a bit aqua with a touch of green to it. I really can’t describe the colors adequately, and this appeals to my sense of color and wanting tones that seem novel and fresh. I love how my avie appears to be grabbing the stones in one picture, as if she is saying “This is my Urban Glam. Go buy your own at Finesmith…”

Urban Glam - my style with Finesmith

Details: (more…)

Red, Red, Red, and Blonde!

red red red red....red! and blonde

If you like to live dangerously, consider this combination of MONS red makeups with the intense red of Finesmith Crystal Reality set, and a generous Hollywood-esque bouffant hairstyle. To communicate that you are not afraid of walking on hot coals, wear a tribal neck tattoo. The red gloves are just to avoid burning your fingertips as you touch yourself. 😉