I love the clouds

August Queen (group gift @ Finesmith)
How fun! This picture was selected to represent the August group gift at Finesmith Jewelry. This months group gift at Finesmith is the “August Queen” set, with silver metal work and large colorful gems. I find the set very energetic and fun. It’s an honor to see that my fashion styling worked out for the store ad for Finesmith’s August group gift.
Visit Finesmith Jewelry in Second Life to join the group and pick up your group gifts, as well as see all the wonderful things there. The August gift is in store right now.

It’s August now. August is a time to feel free. Soon the schedule is going to tighten up on me a bit, and make me remember to stop dreaming “awake” and start dreaming “asleep”, i.e. go to bed early. So I am treasuring every night now, when I can ignite the hours in music and deep thinking and writing.
I styled this look and did the photographs while listening to Cocteau Twins “Heaven or Las Vegas”. AMAZING music for spinning off to the heights of imagination. This song in particular was amazing to hear tonight: Cocteau Twins – Cherry Colored Funk
August Queen (group gift @ Finesmith)


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