I’m waiting for my man, with Nico and Diktator shoes ;)

I'm waiting for my man

Recently I’ve become a little obsessed with a very old 1960’s band called “The Velvet Underground”. The artist, Andy Warhol produced them and urged the inclusion of a very special woman, Nico. Everyone has heard of Lou Reed, the male lead vocals for the band, but have you heard of Nico? She was absolutely amazingly beautiful, a model of the 50’s into the 60’s, and a very unique vocalist who was in the velvet underground, then later solo. In fact, the first album was called “The Velvet Underground and Nico”. Her presence was that important! She was German, she was beautiful, she was interesting and probably still is. But 1960’s Nico had something so iconic for a beauty & fashion statement that her singing is just a very cool bonus to the whole mix. I find her amazing. Her voice is so cool, so Germanic sounding to me. She has the Velvet Underground off key style, but she gave it a depth and fullness that was amazing for the flat one key sound. It was because she was singing from deep inside herself, I think. Lou Reed was interesting but he always sounded like a clever guy being artsy (they were an experimental rock band after all). Nico sounded like a voice out of place and time, something almost spiritual about her sound. It’s all to the ear of the beholder though, as I’ve seen some people say she just sounds flat. I think she sounds more sonorous than flat. Yes if there’s one word to describe Nico’s voice it would be sonorous, sensuously sonorous. Oh that’s 2 words šŸ˜‰

Please listen to the song inspiration by Nico, “I’m waiting for my man”

Style Sheet

Shoes: [Diktator] – PUNK (AVANT-GARDE) ā€“ all materials set to silver metallic
Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Willow 2
Bodysuit: Le Forme [LF] Heroin Body Silver 1
Gloves: [ROSAL] UNMEI Gloves ā€“ white
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Ice (M)
Lashes: [LeLutka]-Photoshoot II Lashes(NOSE)
Skin: cStar Limited – Miss January 2014 ā€“ Satin
Shape: another new shape from Beauty Vamp Shapes (lol should I open a store?)
Pose: embedded in this futuristic chair from Lost Angel poses


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