Welcome to the {human} Light Side of Beauty Vamp Magazine!

I have done some thinking, and I felt it may be good to create an additional blog for all the fashion styles I create that exhibit a theme we shall describe as “daytime” or “human” or “light side” of fashion.  There are many times these days when I am styling a look that is definitely not goth, because there are so many beautiful gorgeous things that I need to show off and honor their inherent style.  Having a seperate page for people to view, with all the light side of Beauty Vamp Fashion Bloggers seems like a fun and good idea.  You know when goths clean up and dress in bright colors, there’s still an edge to their style that you can see. There’s something very studied about their style.  Goths are people who live their lives in some ways as theater.  They love to dress up in very intentional ways, adding accessories and details that make them feel more splendid.  Goth peacocks can rock out some amazing fashion from the world of full color, light and bright daytime ideas.

Soon I hope you will see all the Beauty Vamp Models posting here, to share their technicolor abilities. 😉  In the meantime, enjoy a few posts from the lady who can’t seem to stop styling: Christiana Xevion. You may see TheBeautyVamp pop up for a couple posts, as well as the only male so far who is fulltime on the job: Darzian Silverfall.  The amazing and beautiful Nibborekab will soon appear, I hope. When she styles, she rocks the pixels hard.

As an additional side note, which may be of interest mainly to those who are eagerly anticipating the upcoming issue one of Beauty Vamp Magazine (Thank you so much for all your inquiries! I hope you received my notecards, IM’s and emails in reply!), this concept of a light side of Beauty Vamp is not something we have not long discussed back at the BV headquarters. We have plans to do upcoming issues that will cover all the lighter shades of wicked.  The issues will be a total shock, when they do appear.  It will be like a ray of sunshine that suddenly emerges from the long dark night of Beauty Vamp Magazine’s dark and wicked fashion sense.

Remember to bookmark all three of the Beauty Vamp Magazine Blogs!

The original Beauty Vamp Magazine blog, for all updates of regular magazine news and interesting extras!

The Beauty Vamp Fashion blog, for the regular (we hope) posts of Beauty Vamp Models, in dark fashion sense.

This Beauty Vamp Lightside Blog, for all that spills over and outside of a proper dark fashion sense.  If it’s bright colored or more trendy, you’ll find it here.

Beauty Vamp Magazine Sponsors (specific Beauty Vamp Models Mentioned):

Finesmith Jewelry! FINESMITH Logo
proudly modeled by Christiana Xevion!

MONS Makeups: MONS LOGO 512x512
proudly modeled by Christiana Xevion!


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